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Lanza's, Your Local Farm!

We are excited to be a part of Wall Township's rich, agricultural and artisanal community!

Welcome! Wall Township has a rich agricultural history with many working farms and business' selling quality, unique goods. Lanza's is so proud to be part of this community since 1979. As a flower farm, vegetable farm, and garden center, we grow and sell flowers and vegetables, with a small apiary as well!

Some of our neighbors, such as Edel Haus, Smiths Farm, Allaire Community Farm, and Arrow Acres are great business’ and examples of our unique community. Smith’s is known for their great produce as well as delicious baked goods, especially their pies! Edel Haus and Arrow Acres are Alpaca farms! They both raise beautiful herds of alpacas, and gather fiber from them to be spun into yarn to then be used by artisans to create sweaters, socks, blankets, and more!

“We sell flowers, mixed containers, hanging baskets, custom containers, vegetables, honey, and more!”

New Jersey has a vast history of agriculture and farms, given our flat lands and fertile soil. Wall Township, at one point in the late 19th-early 20th century, contained various farmlands for crops such as potatoes, corn, apples, tomatoes, and more! The Allgor/Barkalow Homestead was a farmhouse in the 19th century, also serving as a small post office and general store. It still stands today on New Bedford Road near Lanza’s, as the Old Wall Historical Society Museum.

If you’re visiting the various #Jersery #Shore towns such as Spring Lake, Belmar, Avon, Bradley Beach, Sea girt or Asbury, make sure you check us out in Wall Township!

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