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Lanza's is a 14 acre farm, primarily used for growing and selling flowers and vegetables. Owner, Chris Difeo, and crew put their hearts and souls into this farm!

In 2015, Chris had the opportunity of a lifetime; he took on the business of Lanza's, and expanded the farm to make it what you see today! Chris cleared and leveled the lot, built 7 greenhouses, and began a retail business for horticulture and agriculture. 

We grow, sell, and harvest:

  • seasonal veggies 

  • seasonal flowers

  • custom containers

  • herbs 

  • local honey 

We are overly enthusiastic plant people, constantly striving for quality plants with eco-friendly practices. 

HORTICULTURE: Chris and his team believe in environmentally conscious and eco-friendly practices here at Lanza's. We use the most environmentally friendly products available in the industry, such as beneficial insects for pest management. 

Since we are an active apiary, we do not aggressively spray harsh, harmful chemicals - such as neonicotinoids - known to be damaging to our local pollinators. Our apiary has an average of 12 hives. We sustainably manage our bee hives and do our best to keep the bees happy! 

AGRICULTURE: Here at Lanza's, we farm using 100% organically grown practices, following strict guidelines. For example, all of our fertilizers are OMRI listed and we only use certified organic & non-GMO seeds. We also have separate irrigation systems for horticulture and agriculture.  

The majority of our vegetables grown are supplied for Nature's Corner, in Spring Lake Heights, NJ, with minor veggie production for sale here at the farm! 


Find us, like us, and follow us on social media for fun, daily updates! 


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