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Opening Day 3/12/2020

It’s getting exciting...this waiting for Spring thing! Opening Day is March 12th!!! We’ll finally begin to bring color and life back to our gardens and patios! Sometimes its the tiniest of gesture, the planting of one seed, that brings the brightest joy. As one neighbor’s pansies re-bloom another’s will be freshly planted. A small ripple effect of good intentions that not only celebrates the passing of one season to the next, but also supports a community rich in agriculture. Communally we will go out and shop (locally of course) for the tiny ways we can contribute to the celebration of Spring! Lanza’s has so much to offer this Spring. Our pansies are simply perfect and a beautiful first step towards bringing some excitement back to your garden or planters. I can’t wait to see you around the farm! Let the countdown begin! Love, Amy

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