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Town Mouse Country Mouse

We all know the story Town Mouse Country Mouse that teaches us to appreciate where we live and to be grateful for the little things that make a home feel like home. I often think of that story on my way to work. I don’t have to choose between a beach sunrise or a farmland morning. Lanza’s Nursery is the best of both worlds! Located in Wall Twp, NJ, Lanza’s is just a five minute drive from the ocean and beautiful Jersey Shore beach towns.

Just yesterday I was on the boardwalks in Spring Lake, Belmar and Avon, then a quick drive and I am back at Lanza’s in Wall Twp to check on our greenhouses and of course the cats - Jack & Buddy.

It might be winter and we might be closed but the feeling of Spring is quietly starting to sneak its sweet little head into our daily routines on the farm. We have already started to plant some of our Spring favorites like Ranunculus, Primrose and Osteopermum, including our Daisy Falls hanging baskets (gorgeous combos of white, purple and pink Osteos)! Next week we will receive thousands of baby plants and cuttings to start their Lanza’s journey and hopefully end up in your yards and containers. We will have a great selection of custom containers for you to choose from when we re-open in March.

So, as the Winter plugs on, keep the colors of those beach sunrises and farm flowers in the back of your head. It’s all right here at Lanza’s in Wall Twp, NJ just waiting to warm you up.

Stay tuned for more updates as we plant, grow and love where we live and work.

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