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Planting Memories

Planting 150,00 plants makes for ample time to discuss them :)

This week at Lanza’s we received the first round of geraniums and some of our Spring perennials! Chris made the comment he loves the smell of geraniums because they smell so clean. Kate and I both said how we love marigolds! We are ten years apart in age, yet both agreed that marigolds remind us of growing up, picking them and how their scent makes us think of Summer. As the day progressed we moved on to our design styles. I am very free form and creative. Kate is equally creative yet more refined. Chris’s style is more orderly!

When you come to Lanza’s this Spring we will have it all for you. Unique containers, neat and tidy ones, even empty ones. Doing your own design and garden is a true expression of your creative side! We offer a great selection for you to choose from. Walking around the front retail space you’ll be able to find what speaks to you, ignite some ideas and watch them grow.

By planting a garden you are also planting memories. So, if you have kids make it fun, bright and aromatic. They’ll remember it!! Or, think back to your own childhood and see if you can recreate something special!

We’ll see you in the Spring! Ready to inspire!

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